Green for Go!

I’ve got busy and am keeping up with my goals–well, most of them.  🙂  I really do plan to finish them before Christmas.  Anyway, Green for Go!  You know the rest.

Goal 1: Lose 26 lbs by Christmas.

I lost another pound this week.  I think my binge horned in on my progress, but as I said baby steps.  That’s 4 lbs gone that were hanging around on my hips and belly.  Do I look skinny yet?  Absolutely not, but I feel better.

Goal 2: Give the “Couch to 5K” program a shot. This will also help with goal 1. (Also inspired by Kristin by the way)

Feel good about my mile a day progress.  Yesterday I took my dog, Bruno, geocaching at the local lake park.  Oh my goodness!  I think we must’ve covered 4 miles.  We were both exhausted and thirsty.  He took a dive in the lake to cool off.  I took a bath when I got home. 

My favorite dog in the whole world.


Goal 3: Wear make-up to work everyday for a month. (I understand that this is not a problem for most, but for me, believe me, it’s a challenge.)

I went and prepared to teach a class this week and guess what?  I did my hair and make-up.  Oh yeah, I even wore lipstick.  I think my principal was even impressed.  She didn’t say anything, but her face told the story.  🙂

Goal 4: Put a system in place in 1 room of the house that keeps it clean all the time. (I can add more rooms later. I want to be able to accomplish this.)

My countertops are still clear and free of debris!

Goal 5:  Clean out the closet and get rid of all the clothes I no longer wear or are the wrong size.

Haven’t begun this yet.  I’m so disappointed in myself.  *she shakes her head and sighs

Goal 6: Do something nice for someone every month. After Thanksgiving do something nice for someone once a week.

I’ve decided to send my friend some Oatmeal White Chocolate Cherry Cookies with a package of Hot Chocolate from R & R BEAN.  MMMMM

Goal 7: Sew 10 bags for Mill Street Coffee (my husband owns a coffee shop and he’s asked me to do this, but I’ve been putting it off.)

*Again she hangs her head in shame and sighs.  Actually, I need a new pattern.  Mine’s all crumpled and torn.

Goal 8: Read the Bible’s New Testament and keep a journal about what I’ve read.

I’ve got my journal and I’ve read Matthew Chapter 1.  What I noticed most is that what Joseph had planned, was not what God had planned, but because Joseph was obedient, God saved the entire world.

Cute right?

Goal 9: Begin painting again.

Another walk of shame…

Goal 10: Take the ESL test and pass it.

I’ve taken the 2 day course, but haven’t signed up for the test yet.

This week I’m challenging myself to eliminate most of the red from my goals and, I’m challenging you to set your own goals.  When I’ve had a difficult day, I look at my goals and say to myself, “This is what you’re fighting for.  DON’T GIVE UP!!!”


Make a Plan

My daughter asked me this week if I was proud of the progress I had made this week. Have I been doing what I set out to do? Well, I’d have to say I’m at about 50%. Did I eat breakfast everyday? Yep. Did I exercise 3 times this week? Nope.  Have I tried to look my best everyday this week?  Uh, everyday but one.  I even wore jewelry!  I NEVER wear jewelry.  And, as for updating my blog, you can read for yourself.  🙂

So, what will I do differently next week?  Here are my goals for next week:

  • drastically reduce the amount of sugar in my diet
  • plan meals for breakfast lunch and dinner
  • drink more water!

All of these goals go along with the goals I’ve already set, so I feel like they’re doable.  I just have to start paying attention to the details.  It’s taken me a long time to get to this point, but I have come to realize that everything–and I mean everything–needs a plan, right down to the way you organize your desk.  I thought I could just keep one leg hanging and kind of dance my way through life.   I guess there’s some of that too, but mostly life needs a plan.  Get it in your head now.  Don’t wait till you’re 50 to figure it out.  Make a plan and act on it.  One more time–Make a plan and ACT on it.  You can, I can, we all can make a plan.

Resolutions 2012

I was talking with my first graders about resolutions and they decided the best resolution was just to be a nicer person.  Well, I guess that is a great resolution.  We can all afford to be a little nicer to each other, but it’s not very specific.  How am I going to be nicer?  So I decided we needed to look up the definition and post it on our vocabulary board.  Here’s what we came up with–in first grader language.  A resolution is when someone is determined to make a change for the better.  That word DETERMINED caught my attention.  I think I often have good intentions for change.  I often am willing to make a change as long as I don’t have to be DETERMINED to do it.  So then it begs the question:  What can I be determined to do?

Here’s what I’ve decided.  I am going to give myself 3 months.  3 short months.  In those 3 months I am going to change my habits for the better.

  • Habit change 1:  I am going to have something for breakfast everyday, even if it’s just a piece of fruit.
  • Habit change 2:  I will do some type of exercise 3 days a week.  This does not count walking my dog, which I do anyway, unless it’s an extra or longer walk.
  • Habit change 3:  I am going to try to look my best everyday.  This means I will wear mascara, jewelry and nice clothing to work and I won’t stay in my jammies on weekends.
  • Habit change 4:  I will commit to updating this blog every Saturday with trials and successes and hopefully a good story or 2.  🙂

I feel like I can do all of these things for 3 months.  Anyone can do something for 3 months.  Right?  After that I will reevaluate what to do next.  Consider being determined this year as you make your resolutions.  We can be determined together!

You’ve Got to be Kidding Me!

Me at a hefty 278 lbs

I got so mad at myself the other day.  I felt overloaded with sugar, bloated by salt and on top of that I looked in the mirror at my underwear clad body and thought, “You’ve got to be kidding me!”  How in the world can a person lose 22 lbs and still look fat?  It was then I knew that I had to lose the next decade of poundage.  I’ve said goodbye to the 70’s.  I’ve said goodbye to the 60’s.  Now it’s time to say goodbye to the 50’s. 

I think sometimes you just have to get sick of yourself before you can move on.  Well, here I am sick of myself.  Granted, my clothes fit better and I do have more energy, but come on!  I’ve lost 22 lbs and I’m still the same size!  I’m sick of it! I want to go down a size for pete’s sake. 

You know what else I’m sick of?  I’m sick to death that it takes an act of congress to sit in a booth or a school chair!  I want to sit comfortably in one of those.  And I mean WITHOUT my stomach roll resting on top.  How about theater seats, airplane seats where the safety belt barely fastens, or in a lawn chair without worrying about breakage?  Being fat is just downright embarrassing.  Most of the time I’m pretty confident, but then I see a picture of myself and I think again, “You’ve got to be kidding me!”  Enough of this rant.  When I look in the mirror in a few months and think, “You’ve got to be kidding me.”  I want it to mean something wholly different, and I want to be down at least one dress size.  Goodbye to the 50’s!

Me now 22 lbs lighter


Bad Habits for Good Habits

Well, the summer’s almost over and guess what I’ve found out?  Most of my friends have really dropped the weight this summer!  Now I’m the one who’s behind.  I just read an article about a man who lost 177 lbs in 11 months.  Here’s the link if you’re interested  Do you know how he did it?  Exercise and proper diet. DUH.  No hCG, no ultra-low calorie diets,  but by changing his bad habits for good habits.  I’ve lost 22lbs altogether, and of course I feel much better than I did, but now comes the uphill part where I have to change my bad habits for good ones.  It’s not about will power people.  It’s about changing your bad habits for good ones.

Anyway, seeing my friends really motivated me to get off the truck and walk to my next destination.  🙂  I bought a pedometer and I’m not going to set any step goals except that I want to do more steps every day.  I don’t care if it’s just 2 more steps than yesterday.  I want to change my bad habit of couch potato into the good habit of taking a walk after work.  The second bad habit I’m going to change into a good one is water consumption.  I bought a water bottle that holds enough water for the whole day.  I fill it about half full at night  and put it in the freezer.  Then I add water on top in the morning.  It stays cold almost all day and I just carry it with me wherever I go.

I know that I have to start small.  If I give myself too many changes at once, nothing changes at all.  They say it takes 27 days to change a habit.  We’ll see.  🙂