The Money Challenge

Money Challenge

I’ve been keeping up with my challenges lately. I checked out a book from the library of personal picture hanging. I’ve been working my behind off at my new school trying to get ready. Wow! I’m exhausted just thinking about it. Who knew it would take 2 hours just to finish a bulletin board? Here’s a picture to show my handiwork. I did two more this size and one gigantic one across the back of my classroom.

Outside my classroom.

Outside my classroom.

As for reading the Bible, I’ve been a little lax on that count. I definitely need to be more faithful.

As I was going over my goals AGAIN, I came across this great pin on pinterest. It’s called the money challenge and what it amounts to is saving a dollar and then adding another dollar every week for 52 weeks (1 year). Basically day 1 is 1 dollar and week 52 is 52 dollars. At the end you end up with 1,378 dollars! This was very appealing to me because, well, who can’t use 1378 dollars? So I thought, “Why couldn’t I do this challenge, but challenge myself to beat it?” So I created myself a little spread sheet and plan to start August 1st. Here’s a copy if you’d like it. Just click on the picture.


So, anyway, I thought that I would try to save as much money as the new year, namely, 2,014 dollars.  I figure if I just add a little bit extra every time, it shouldn’t be that hard.  I know.  You’re wondering, “How much does that amount to extra per week?  Well, I did the math–about 12 dollars extra per week.  I may not make it, but I figure even if I don’t, I’ll be better off than I am now.  Wish me luck!  And here’s some luck for you if you decide to join me!


A Challenge Commences

As you know, I have made my goals for the summer to:

  • Fill a wall with family pictures
  • Lose 30 lbs with  20 lbs gone by the end of summer
  • Read through the Bible looking for those fruits of the spirit to apply to my life.

Have I started on the wall yet?  Well I decided on 2 pictures.  Does that count?  This week I’m going to have my grand children here, so I’d like to get some candid pictures to frame and put up along with the old ones I already have.  I’m looking for quality as well as quantity as they say.  🙂

My new challenge is from my daughter.  She says if I lose 20 lbs by the time school starts she’ll buy me 5 new outfits!  Now that’s some incentive, because I’ve been looking at my clothes lately and they’re rather outdated and raggedy.  I’ve already lost 2.5 lbs this week!  Hey, I’m 1/10 of the way there.  It counts.  🙂

As for reading through the Bible, I’m following along with the Bible study at church, but I don’t think that really counts.  It wasn’t my intent when I made the goal to let church be my guide, so it wouldn’t be honest to say that counts.  Let’s just say I need to work on this goal.

But…let me show you what I have done.  I made this really snazzy bag for the Fourth of July!

One Snazzy Bag!

  Pretty neat right? One Snazzy Bag!

Now I’m 1/10 of the way through with my goal for last summer.  Ha! Ha!