My name is Jackie Allison.  My grandfather used to call me fatso bratso jackinann.  It was kind of an endearment, although now I’m trying to change that image.  It’s taken 49 years and much encouragement to get to this place.

I’ve been married for 26 years to my husband Bob who has seen me though thick and thin, or maybe I should say thin and thick–well mostly thick.  I’ve struggled with weight most of my life and though I’ve dieted my way up and down the scale, it hasn’t made me very happy.  I’ve decided what I really need is a different view of who I am.  Maybe my problem isn’t really the weight, but how I’ve learned to view myself.  It’s worth doing even if I don’t lose the weight because we all need to see ourselves from a different perspective once in awhile.

I’m a teacher of 1st graders.  You learn a lot about yourself when you teach 1st graders because they will say the first thing that comes into their mind.  I”m reminded of the time one of my students said, ” Mrs. Allison, when you come to school tomorrow I want you to put on a pretty dress, brush your hair and put on some make up.”  I laughed because I knew then that my students wanted their teacher not to just love them, but they wanted her to look pretty so they could feel proud of her.  And why not?  I want them to feel proud of me too.

So, here I am on this journey.  I’ve entered graduate school.  I journal everyday and record my weight and food intake.  And, I blog.  I hope you’ll keep reading.

Wanna know more?  Email me:  bobsgirl4vr@yahoo.com


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