Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Ok, so I’ve been kind of a tortoise about this whole closet goal.  But, today, I have begun a slow and steady pace toward, well, beginning it.  🙂  Here’s what I did:

  • Washed everything
  • Dried everything (hey, this takes time and is important.)
  • Sorted things into categories
  • Dealt with each category

Here’s how the sorting went:

  1. Clothes that I like and still wear–These included some things I should probably move to another category, but will have to wait until I’m stronger.  I actually shifted back and forth over an old t-shirt that was faded and oh so comfy cozy.  Needless to say, it’s in my drawer now.  🙂
  2. Goodwill–This pile is a pile only a rummage sale junkie could love.  These included anything that doesn’t fit (large or small) and is still in enough good shape that someone might want to wear it (as long as they’re 80 lbs overweight of course.) Looking around, I don’t think I’m alone on that count.  I also included some things my husband and son will never miss but are still hanging onto.  (Don’t tell them)
  3. Trash galore–For this, I actually dragged the big trash can next to my laundry room door and tossed as I went.  It’s trash day today.  There were clothes with holes, shirts with buttons missing or anything with stains that have been there for longer than I can remember.  For some reason, this was the hardest category.  I labored over those holey shirts as if they were really holy.  I told myself, “I can use these when I’m gardening”–yeah right.  And, “I need some old shirts for when I’m cleaning the house.”  Right, like I’m going to search and find an old holey t-shirt to clean the house.  Isn’t that what plain old t-shirts are for?

Anyway, through it all–tortoise or no tortoise–I feel better about the whole thing.  I actually think I can do this again and finish the job by December.  I’ve got 2 months right?  It was kind of freeing actually.  Some of those things I threw away were truly junk–well, all of them were truly junk, I finally have to admit.

So, now that I’m free of all my trash, or treasure for someone else, I can think about losing weight again.  I have hit a wall in that area, but getting rid of all these clothes has renewed my interest in becoming slimmer by Christmas.  It means a whole new wardrobe!  Now that’s incentive!  Besides, slow and steady wins the race, right?

Go ahead, tackle that closet.  You can do it!  You need some new things anyway.  🙂