Green for Go!

I’ve got busy and am keeping up with my goals–well, most of them.  🙂  I really do plan to finish them before Christmas.  Anyway, Green for Go!  You know the rest.

Goal 1: Lose 26 lbs by Christmas.

I lost another pound this week.  I think my binge horned in on my progress, but as I said baby steps.  That’s 4 lbs gone that were hanging around on my hips and belly.  Do I look skinny yet?  Absolutely not, but I feel better.

Goal 2: Give the “Couch to 5K” program a shot. This will also help with goal 1. (Also inspired by Kristin by the way)

Feel good about my mile a day progress.  Yesterday I took my dog, Bruno, geocaching at the local lake park.  Oh my goodness!  I think we must’ve covered 4 miles.  We were both exhausted and thirsty.  He took a dive in the lake to cool off.  I took a bath when I got home. 

My favorite dog in the whole world.


Goal 3: Wear make-up to work everyday for a month. (I understand that this is not a problem for most, but for me, believe me, it’s a challenge.)

I went and prepared to teach a class this week and guess what?  I did my hair and make-up.  Oh yeah, I even wore lipstick.  I think my principal was even impressed.  She didn’t say anything, but her face told the story.  🙂

Goal 4: Put a system in place in 1 room of the house that keeps it clean all the time. (I can add more rooms later. I want to be able to accomplish this.)

My countertops are still clear and free of debris!

Goal 5:  Clean out the closet and get rid of all the clothes I no longer wear or are the wrong size.

Haven’t begun this yet.  I’m so disappointed in myself.  *she shakes her head and sighs

Goal 6: Do something nice for someone every month. After Thanksgiving do something nice for someone once a week.

I’ve decided to send my friend some Oatmeal White Chocolate Cherry Cookies with a package of Hot Chocolate from R & R BEAN.  MMMMM

Goal 7: Sew 10 bags for Mill Street Coffee (my husband owns a coffee shop and he’s asked me to do this, but I’ve been putting it off.)

*Again she hangs her head in shame and sighs.  Actually, I need a new pattern.  Mine’s all crumpled and torn.

Goal 8: Read the Bible’s New Testament and keep a journal about what I’ve read.

I’ve got my journal and I’ve read Matthew Chapter 1.  What I noticed most is that what Joseph had planned, was not what God had planned, but because Joseph was obedient, God saved the entire world.

Cute right?

Goal 9: Begin painting again.

Another walk of shame…

Goal 10: Take the ESL test and pass it.

I’ve taken the 2 day course, but haven’t signed up for the test yet.

This week I’m challenging myself to eliminate most of the red from my goals and, I’m challenging you to set your own goals.  When I’ve had a difficult day, I look at my goals and say to myself, “This is what you’re fighting for.  DON’T GIVE UP!!!”


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