A Cup of Coffee and a Pocket full of Goals

My blogging friend Kristin, you can find her at www.kissmeproject.wordpress.com, has inspired me to set goals for myself.  She had 25 goals to meet by the time she turned 25.  Well, I’ll be 51 next month, but I don’t think–even if I worked really hard–that I could make 51 goals, so I’m thinking that 10 goals by the end of the year would be good.  there’s 6 months left, so that’s a little less than 2 goals per month.  “I could do that.” she says confidently.  Ok, so what should these 10 goals be?  I’d want them to enrich my life surely.  I’d want them to be true accomplishments.  I’d want them to challenge me or direct me to finish something.  Hmmm.

Goal 1:  Lose 26 lbs by Christmas.  Why not 25 you say?  Well, half of 50 is 25 + 1 for the 51 = 26.  It’s logical to me anyway.

Goal 2:  Give the “Couch to 5K”  program a shot.  This will also help with goal 1.  (Also inspired by Kristin by the way)

Goal 3:  Wear make-up to work everyday for a month. (I understand that this is not a problem for most, but for me, believe me, it’s a challenge.)

Goal 4:  Put a system in place in 1 room of the house that keeps it clean all the time.  (I can add more rooms later.  I want to be able to accomplish this.)

Goal 5:  Sort through the closet and get rid of clothes that don’t fit or I don’t wear anymore.

Goal 6:  Do something nice for someone every month.  After Thanksgiving do something nice for someone once a week.

Goal 7:  Sew 10 bags for Mill Street Coffee (my husband owns a coffee shop and he’s asked me to do this, but I’ve been putting it off.)

Goal 8: Read the Bible’s New Testament and keep a journal about what I’ve read.

Goal 9:  Begin painting again.

Goal 10:  Take the ESL test and pass it.

I feel pretty good about these.  I can do updates on them each time I blog and I’ll post pictures of the things that are conducive to that so that you can keep up.  For the 26 lb goal, at the end I’ll post before and after pictures.  That’s all she wrote as they say.  🙂


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