The Roller Coaster Dieter

You’ve heard of the yo yo dieter.  My life is so up and down that I’m more like a roller coaster dieter. I go through spurts where I feel great and I don’t even like to eat sugary, syrupy things.  Guess what?  I lose weight.  Down the roller coaster I go speeding fast and enjoying the ride, then when a difficult situation arises, that hill that seems insurmountable, my momentum keeps me going a little ways up but then slowly, trudgingly, I get stuck on the hill and slide back down to where I started (maybe that’s where the term backsliding comes from).  What I have to remember in those times is that if I let myself slide too much, I’ll get stuck in that little space between the ride down and the climb up and that’s where it gets really hard to go anywhere.

So, I’ve been thinking.  On a roller coaster, the ride up has a little help behind it.  It has that little clacker thing that attaches to the car and helps it click its way up to the top of the hill again.  I need to find my little clacker in those times.  I think it could be a lot of things, but what is the one thing that could help me get to the top again so that I can enjoy another ride down?

  • encouragement from a friend
  • reading about what others have done (inspiration)
  • taking a break and doing something I enjoy
  • picturing myself as I want to be and focusing on that
  • get off the scale for awhile and just focus on life
  • find a solution to a problem I am facing

At different times in my life, it could be any one of these things, but more important, what I require is a change of focus, a little spark to ignite that memory of all that I can be and want to be, because in the end, it has to be for me, because I want to do this, because I need to take control of my life and be in charge of who I am.  I’ve maintained the weightloss I’ve had, but it’s time to trudge up that hill and get another exciting ride downward.  Come on!  Let’s Go!


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