A long long time ago…..

A long, long time ago there was a woman who weighed an awful lot.  Ok, so she still weighs an awful lot and constantly struggles with her weight.  I have been getting control lately and have lost 17 lbs using weight watchers.  Basically I track my points but I haven’t incorporated much else at the site.  I’ll tell you what it has done for me though.  I don’t crave sugar as much.  I lose weight every week.  I still eat the way I like to, but I don’t eat as much.

Although all of this is true, I think, in a way, I had to be ready in myself to do it.  So, how do you ready yourself.  I’m not sure.  I think you have to get to a place where  you think to yourself, “This is ridiculous.  I have to get my life back in control.”  It also helps to have someone encouraging you and monitoring your progress.  My daughter calls me periodically and says, “Are you still keeping track of your points?  Have you lost weight this week?”  Since I know she is going to do this, I stay pretty faithful to the program.

The other thing I’d have to say is, I’m pretty rebellious.  I think a part of me liked the weight because I was deciding what to eat and wasn’t letting anyone else decide for me.  How stupid is that?  That’s like cutting your nose off to spite your face.  So, in some ways, I had to let go of my own selfish ideas about who I was and what I believed about myself.  Believe me, I’m still fat, but my clothes fit better.  I’m still fat, but I’m losing weight every week.  I’m still fat, but I don’t crave things like I used to.  I’m more in control of this creature that I live in.  Isn’t that the way it ought to be?