Beautiful Days Ahead

Last week I lost 3 lbs.  My husband lost 2.5.  I won for this week, but I’m sure it will be short lived.  No matter what happens, more beautiful days are ahead for both of us.  My husband is trying to get his diabetes under control and I’d like to just look better and feel better.  For those of you following my sugarless journey, I’m still sugarless and loving it.  I no longer crave or wish to eat sugar and now I’m saying goodbye to another decade of weight.  I still don’t look thin by any means, but my clothes fit better and I feel better.  With summer coming on, there are more beautiful days ahead, and I’m including my own beautiful self in those days.  Still not quite time for a before and after, but not as far away from it as I once was.  When I lose another 10 lbs, I’ll post a before and after  shot so you can see my progress.  Even so, I’ll still have a long way to go, but it’s good to document the journey.  I can’t believe I’ve come this far! 


Getting into the Act

My husband is now getting into the act.  He is swearing off sugar and challenging me to a weight loss competition.  This is scary because he is crazy competitive.  Right now I weigh less than he does and I think it is his plan to change that and soon.

I want to say that men DO lose weight faster than women, but buddy, IT IS ON!!!  It’s kinda fun having someone to work against or for or whatever.  🙂  We are getting on the scale every Monday night and marking our new weight on the calendar.  Right now we are only 4 lbs apart (He’s heavier)  I just had to say that again.  Ha! Ha!  After a month, I’ll post the differences online.  Hey!  I better get busy!

Days of Whine and Stuffed Noses

Well, like my title says, I’m full of whine this week.  Things are just in disarray in my life.  My dogs are out of control.  (I pick up poop on a daily basis).  My husband is gone a lot.  My laundry isn’t done.  I’m a mess!  Everywhere I look I feel like I’m out of control.  I do have this whole sugarless thing, and that is one thing I DO have in control, but today it feels like the only thing.  I’m sure I could think of much more to whine about, but I’ll spare you the tragedy of it all.

Onto stuffed noses.  I’m rarely sick, but lately I’ve been waking up to a stuffed nose which keeps me sneezing all day long.  Ok, this is kind of a whine too, but only a small one.  For the most part I feel pretty good.  Have a good day and try to have a little cheese with that whine.