You know, sometimes you have to learn to love stability.  When we’re first in love and our feelings are soaring, stability is far in the distance and we are in the moment.  When you are on a diet or doing a lifestyle change and the weight starts pouring off, feelings are at a peak and stability is just the smell of bread baking in the air.  At first when stability comes to our lives we shun it.  We want to be in the moment, enjoying every breath, every lost ounce, but stability is what makes life worth living.  Stability is the quiet smile of your husband as he glances over at you when you’re watching TV–reassurance of his love for you and the warm memory of that first love.  Stability is your body adjusting to your new lifestyle, feeling comfortable with the new foods you are eating and the exercise that no longer pains you in the same way as in the early days of your transformation.  We are such a people of pleasure, of highs and lows.  We must remember that it is in stability that resides peace, acceptance, and a deeper love than first love.  It is a knowing love.  Stability knows that commitment has come to dwell.  Stability allows us to make plans and follow through.  So when you think about the thrill of those first few pounds falling away, don’t forget that it is in stability that your spirit is most content.  So, reach for those stars.  Enjoy the moment, but remember to come back to stability, that knowing, committed understanding of love fulfilled.


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