Did you ever notice that when emotions run high, your bad habits increase?  When I’m upset, I eat the wrong things, I swear more, I rant, I rave, I storm.  So I’ve been thinking about channeling this energy in a different way.  I can storm by walking around the block.  I can rant and rave while I punch the air or do a dance video.  I can decrease my bad habits by adding new good habits and changing my thinking.  Instead of thinking, “That upsets me, where’s the chocolate?”  I will start thinking, “That upsets me, I need to walk it off and cool down.”  Once you feel that pressure rising, use that as a sign to change your thinking.  The person I am is changing into the person I am becoming.  And, who’s in charge of that?  ME!!!  I choose to become a more positive, productive, vibrant person, because I CAN.


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