Water Water Everywhere

Water water everywhere and not a drop I’m drinking.  I know I need to drink more water.  I know I’m supposed to drink 8 glasses a day.  But, I know that I don’t do it, partly because I don’t want to count every glass of water I drink, and partly because I’m focused on other things.  I want to make water my focus in the next week to see if it makes a difference in my weight.  I’m going to weigh myself on Saturday to see if I’ve lost any weight this week, and then I’ll weigh myself again next Saturday to see if I lost more weight than the week previous.  I’m going to make a checklist so that I can document my water to be sure I drink exactly 8 glasses a day.  That’s probably double what I currently drink.  Check back with me next week to see whether this little experiment works.  🙂


4 thoughts on “Water Water Everywhere

  1. Hi Jackie,

    I’ve stumbled across your blog a few times now, so we must have similar interests! 🙂

    Getting enough water is a challenge for me, too, but one thing that helps me is keeping a 24oz (equivalent of 3 “glasses”) bottle on my desk at all times. I try to make sure I drink a full one by lunchtime, and then another full one by the time leave for the day. This way, I know I’ll at least be pretty darn close to 8 glasses by the end of the day, but it’s not quite so cumbersome to count them. It works most days.

    Do you mind if I add your blog to my blogroll? I’d love to follow you along on your journey 🙂

  2. I have the same problem with drinking enough water. We should be water buddies. Everytime you walk by my classroom remind me to “drink up.” I’ll reimind you too!

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