I have to face it, like it or not.  Exercise has to become part of my routine.  When I was younger I could drop a couple of pounds just by cutting down on the amount of cokes I drank.  Not anymore.  Oh, I’m not saying this change in diet hasn’t shed a few pounds off this very curvascious body, but definitely not what I was expecting.  Besides that, my tendons are tighter making it hard to tie my shoes.  Everything is saggier, making all my clothes look, uh, saggy.  So, to exercise I must turn.  I’ll start out nice and easy, maybe a longer walk with my dogs and a few more geocaches.  I’ll up it as I feel I’m able.  But, the important thing is that I get started exercising.  Hey, I’ve come this far.  I can go a little further.  😀


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