Quiet Thoughts

I’m sitting at home on a blustery day, where the quiet snow is falling all around.  In these times I remember that it is enough to breathe, relax and be.  Whatever your weight, it is the inner self that is important.  Who am I inside?  Do I care about people?  Am I progressing with my life?  In quiet moments, I think about these things and the way I perceive myself becomes more important than the way others perceive me.  We all need moments like this to reflect and accept that we aren’t all bad or all good.  We’re somewhere in between seeking to be something better than we’ve become.  So here in this quiet moment, I am looking backward at what I’ve done, not dwelling on my mistakes, but learning from them, and I’m looking forward to what is to come.  Going forward takes a little faith, and you know, it all started with a grain the size of a mustard seed…


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