Old Age

Today as I walked my dogs around the block–it’s 14 degrees in Texas today–I realized I should’ve worried about my age.  The ice covered sidewalks presented new challenges as the dogs slid me across each gap.  My balance isn’t as good as it once was and my 50 year old bones are probably a lot more brittle.  This padding I have surrounding it all, wouldn’t be much help either.  It would just add to the slamming power as I hit the ice.  Another “cool” reason to drop the weight.  I made it the distance, with only one fall, my faithful Amstaff returning to see if I was ok, and my adventuresome jack russell was singing, “Free at last!”.  With the Amstaff in hand we cornered the Jack Russell and I was able to retain proper control, my ego just a little bruised.  I made it all the way around the block and home again.  Whew!

I’m not sorry I did it.  The dogs loved it, and I made it through another challenge that gave me another reason to keep off the sugar.  10 days and counting!


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