A Daughter’s Wise Advice

A worthy note from my beautiful daughter.  She cuts to the quick telling us all we should strive for excellence!

“Excellence is not a singular act, but a habit. You are what you repeatedly do.” – Shaquille O’Neil
Last night I went to sleep thinking about how much longer I would be able to give up sugar. Those little conversational hearts will be sorely missed this Valentine’s Day and I began to question if it is really worth it. What does it matter if I have a bit of sugar here and there? The problem exists because it is never just sugar “here and there”. It’s always lots of sugar, all the time. Sugar has become my habit.
This long stretch of no sugar (longer than Lent) has taught me a lot about my own endurance. How long can I stand it? Can I build my endurance to not want sugar again? It has caused me to question my own strength and general will power. When is sugar ok and when has it become a terrible habit? I’m not too sure yet, but I know that control and excellence in health should be apart of our lives. Our habit should not be sugar. Our habit should be healthy choices.
So, as you come to your first week without sugar challenge yourself to endure even more. I believe you can overcome this!  Dorothy Allison Howard


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