A Daughter’s Wise Advice

A worthy note from my beautiful daughter.  She cuts to the quick telling us all we should strive for excellence!

“Excellence is not a singular act, but a habit. You are what you repeatedly do.” – Shaquille O’Neil
Last night I went to sleep thinking about how much longer I would be able to give up sugar. Those little conversational hearts will be sorely missed this Valentine’s Day and I began to question if it is really worth it. What does it matter if I have a bit of sugar here and there? The problem exists because it is never just sugar “here and there”. It’s always lots of sugar, all the time. Sugar has become my habit.
This long stretch of no sugar (longer than Lent) has taught me a lot about my own endurance. How long can I stand it? Can I build my endurance to not want sugar again? It has caused me to question my own strength and general will power. When is sugar ok and when has it become a terrible habit? I’m not too sure yet, but I know that control and excellence in health should be apart of our lives. Our habit should not be sugar. Our habit should be healthy choices.
So, as you come to your first week without sugar challenge yourself to endure even more. I believe you can overcome this!  Dorothy Allison Howard


Looking Ahead

As I mentioned yesterday, it was very difficult to say the least.  Besides fearing the wrath of my daughter, I also thought about looking ahead.  If I stay on this path, if I follow through, I could be 2o lbs lighter in 60 days.  Now that’s motivation!  So, as I laid in bed last night thinking about chunking this whole idea, I pictured myself 20 lbs thinner.  20 lbs is a whole dress size!  I wouldn’t have to stuff myself into my jeans anymore.  My muffin top wouldn’t look so much like a loaf of bread.  I like it!  So today it is with new motivation that I look ahead seeing myself as I will be instead of looking at what I am now.  The future is mine!


The desire to eat sugar today was almost unbearable! I didn’t eat any, but I have never felt so much pressure within myself to just quit. The only thing that kept me from it was the thought that my daughter would be disappointed in me.

That’s a thought for all of you out there. Get a partner to help you. Choose someone you trust, who will give it to you straight, but with kindness and love. When you are at your worst, they can help dig you out. When you are at your best, they can celebrate with you. Thank you Dolly for being that person for me. I love you!

A Long Long Time Ago…

Weight is an up and down roller coaster ride isn’t it?  You lose.  You gain.  You lose again.  You gain back even more.  I lost a few pounds last year and kept about 5 of the 20 I lost off.  Something to be thankful for I guess. 

My daughter and I are now on a quest to quit sugar.  Oh, we still eat natural sugars like fruit, but we are even giving up diet soda.  It has a lot of salt and can make you crave sugar all over again.  I’m cooking more at home–economizing as much as cutting down on calories, but I like to cook and then I can better control my sugars too.  I think it might be good to post some recipes or things that work as I go along, so check back for updates. 

 This week I’ve been eating a lot of soup.  Not the soup diet, just different kinds:  chicken and vegetable, tomato, bean, potato.  Yeah I know, that’s a lot of soup.  Tonight I decided I needed a change, so I ate a little chicken salad with crackers.  Delicious!  Especially when you’ve been eating soup all week. 

Today is DAY 4 for me, DAY 6 for Dolly.  Wish us luck!  Maybe I’ll take off another 20 and go down 5 more.  🙂